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Nokuphila School

In early 2009, LOVE Trust developed a plan to develop a viable, community centre in Tembisa by utilizing its experience gained over the past years.

  • Develop an Early Childhood Development Centre/Preschool
  • Cultivate lasting relationships with the community
  • Further expand this centre into an independent Primary and then later Secondary School ...more


If you would like updates and news please send your Name / Surname and email address to and we will add you to the mailing list.



The project plans to establish an Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) to provide quality childcare to 60 vulnerable preschoolers. ...more


Get involved

We believe that experiencing the gift of giving is a real blessing! We would like you to share in this joy – regardless of your means – and to this end we do everything we can to accommodate all kinds of giving. To help us realise our vision, you can contribute in three ways:

1. In Cash Contribution
2. In Kind Contributions
3. In Time Contributions ...more